Our Team

Tamara Ogilvie


Tamara has been a teacher of yoga for 10 years, and practicing yoga for twice that. At Yogala, Tamara brings age old traditions of yoga to modern, everyday lives – in relatable and do-able ways. Tamara is an ex-Accountant, coach, and Advisor to Yoga Australia, the peak body for yoga in Australia.

Maria Uribe


Maria found yoga seven years ago in her search for inner peace, purpose and something deeper. She became a Yoga Teacher in India, then completed further studies with Nicole Walsh in Sydney and Shiva Rea. Her teaching embodies her love for creativity, connection and movement inviting everyone to clear their body and mind from static energy and heal.

Cristina Arango


Cristina is a firm believer that love is medicine and the daily practices of yoga and meditation are profound opportunities for gathering our daily dose. Through a combination of mindful exploration and quiet awareness, she offers students the chance to revisit their true self and spark positive transformation.

Meg Harris


Meg began practicing yoga in London more than 8 years ago. Like many, she was initially attracted to the physical aspect of yoga, however quickly discovered the benefits went deeper and helped her cope with the demands of corporate life. Meg’s classes integrate movement with pranayama (breath work) and meditation to find balance in the body and stillness of mind.

Susie Hemsted


Susie takes her fearlessness off the mat and into the world, allowing her to be more present and mindful in every moment. Susie completed her RYT Yoga teacher training in 2014, at the Yoga London School, and has trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow. In classes, Susie combines hard work with a spirit of playfulness, and a spoonful of inspiration.

Ciara Horgan


Ciara is a lover of the outdoors and adventure seeker with a career in the construction industry, and once upon a time was also a show jumper! Ciara knows what it’s like to spend the day in high pressured environments, and creates an environment in which all students can find a sense of freedom.

Jaime Laird


Jaime is passionate about yoga’s ability to pull us out of our minds and into the present moment. In her classes, rhythmic movement and breath awareness are used as vehicles for bringing mindful attention to the here and now.

Caroline Bakerman


Caroline encourages students of all ages to see thought and movement patterns as a route of transformation in body and mind, and is a firm believer that “we don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” (G. Bernard Shaw). Caroline is a qualified in pre and post natal, children’s yoga, and yoga therapy.

Chrissie Alexander


Chrissie is a yoga teacher, coach and Naturopath with a passion to help others regain balance. Chrissie loves to blend yoga, naturopathy and her Ayurvedic training to integrate Eastern principles with Western lives and philosophies.

Ebonie Malcolm


Ebonie – a Yin and Vinyasa yoga teacher, barre and antigravity instructor, and Graphic Designer, is passionate about empowering people to their maximum potential. Expect organic playful sequencing in Vinyasa Flows, and deep restorative and grounding Yin.

Penny Hatzis


Penny’s teachings draw on a background in dance and remedial body work and her own Ashtanga practice to strengthen, balance and restore students.  Also a qualified Naturopath, her aim is to help people feel empowered.

Catherine Crane


Originally from Tasmania, but most recently living and teaching yoga in Hong Kong, Catherine knows how to evoke the grounding effects of nature in our urban jungle lives and settings. Catherine aims to expose others to the life changing benefits of yoga that she herself has experienced.