Prenatal Yoga

We are proud and passionate about our specialised yoga for pregnancy. As a Mum to three girls, Director Tamara Ogilvie is committed to supporting pregnant women through yoga, in what is an incredibly transformative time.

Our specialised pregnancy classes cater to women from late first trimester all the way through to birth. Women who’ve never tried yoga before are welcome, as are those who are bounding with energy and want to be quite active. Our classes are run in such a way that we can and do cater to all needs – including if needed, being able to support women through specific conditions of pregnancy.

We recommend you commence our pregnancy classes once you’ve moved through the fragility of the first 9-12 weeks/first trimester. We recommend only those with an established, embodied yoga practice continue in the open/non specialised pregnancy classes – Mellow, and Yin.  All others should stick to our pregnancy classes only.

If you have specific conditions/questions that you wish to talk with us about, please get in touch.

We have two specialised prenatal classes per week. You can access free, on-demand yoga videos here once you’ve created an account in our online booking system.

New to us? Take our Intro Pass for new students, 2 weeks of classes for $40.