Live Streaming our Classes

23 March 2020: For as long as you need and want the support we can offer, we will innovate to continue to support each of you through an intense and confronting time.

  1. We currently offer live streamed classes only. Book a Live Stream class at least 15min prior to the start time so know who we’re expecting
  2. We’ll send you your class link at least no later than 15min prior to the class start time, via SMS or email (depending on what settings you have agreed to in our booking system)
  3. Prior to class do download Zoom for iPhone, Android, or computer. Create your account with first name + surname so we know it’s you
  4. Roll out your mat (need to collect your mat from the studio? Want to borrow some blocks? Email us)
  5. You’ll be automatically muted, but consider having camera on for as close an experience to face-to-face classes as possible