February Beginners Month

Month of beginners classes + 2 week unlimited pass

Make your start in yoga this February.

Drop into as many of our beginners classes held each Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-7:30pm and Saturday 8-9am over the month of Feb.

This course is specifically for beginners, or those who’ve had a long break and need to re-learn the basics.

Follow up your dedicated beginners month with a 2-week unlimited class pass to get you practicing in our open classes. Your follow on 2 week unlimited pass can be activated at any time.

Over the four weeks you choose which of the 3 weekly beginners sessions you attend (as many as you like!) and then drop into open classes on your 2 week unlimited pass as suits you.

Sat 1st – Sat 29th Feb 2020

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm; Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm; Saturdays 8-9am (class on Sat 29th Feb is a theory workshop from 11am-12:30pm, with light snacks, tea and conversation)

$190 includes a 2 week unlimited class pass or $165 early bird by Fri 24th Jan 2020

Yoga for Children (5-12 yr)

For growing minds & bodies

In engaging ways for younger but growing minds and bodies, we explore yoga poses and techniques to aid focus and energy levels; develop strength and flexibility; and tools to understand and manage emotions.

Classes consist of a physical yoga practice combining breath work with movement, and an exploration of mindfulness techniques. We cater to ages 5-12 years, with the children splitting into aged groups for group work.

Trial class available on your child’s first visit $22 – please email to arrange

Wednesdays 3:45pm-4:30pm

Term 1: 12th Feb to 1st Apr 2020

$150 per term |  $130 if a parent is a Yogala Member | $22 trial class

We accept Active Kids vouchers

Yoga for Teens (12 – 15yr)

Soothe the stresses of the early teenage years

Yoga for Teens is a fun, accessible yoga practice to soothe the changes and stresses of the early teenage years, for 12-15 years.

Yoga sequences and techniques will aid energy levels; improve flexibility; and provide tools to deal with anxiety and tension. Classes will consist of yoga sequences, partner work, mindfulness techniques and more.

Trial class available on your child’s first visit $22 – please email to arrange

Children 16 years and older are welcome to attend our open classes, either with or without a parent/guardian.

Wednesdays 4:45pm-5:45pm

Term 1: 12th Feb to 1st Apr 2020

$190 | $165 Yogala Members

21 Days of Asana

For a clearer , cleaner, stronger you

Commit to the practice and purpose of asana over 21 days. We’ll explore the full benefits of yoga as a tool to clear the body of physical and energetic blocks and build deep physical strength. Commit to kickstart a clearer, stronger you.

Private session

45-60min private session anytime from the commencement of 21 days of Asana, through to it’s completion (or later if need be) to workshop any aspect of your practice, or to simply be led in a practice that is catered specifically to your needs. It might be about finessing a particular pose; working on your breath; meditation as part of your practice; developing your own home practice sequence; or just being led through a practice that caters completely to you.

Group Session 1

Deep Yin – Setting Your Intentions, 3:30pm-5pm Sunday 23rd Feb

A 90 minute Yin practice to really open the body & mind for the 21 days ahead. Through long, deep yin holds and a Yoga Nidra session, we’ll clear out typical blockages in the body, removing stagnation and get ourselves into the right frame of mind.

This session is the kick off to your 21 day commitment to practice yoga, as often as you can, in whatever way you can with a view to a clearer, stronger you.

Group Sessions 2, 4, 5 OPTIONAL

Drop-in Semi Privates, 7-9am Saturday 28th Feb, 7th Mar, 14th Mar

Optional drop-in practice, where you’ll be able to workshop poses or aspects of your overall practice with Tamara. Attend any time between 7-9am. Continue to work on aspects of your practice we may have covered in your one-to-one session; field some specific questions; or practice your own sequence at your own pace, with some guidance in the room.

Group Session 3 OPTIONAL

Progressive, 3:30-5pm Sunday 1st Mar

The focus of this monthly class at Yogala will focus on bandhas and binds – both of which work to both clear energy blocks and congestion in the body, and develop a deeper, unseen level of strength in the practice. Adding bandhas and binds to certain poses can really extend one’s asana practice, opening up areas of the body in a new & deeper way. This is an optional practice, on the usual timetable – only those 21 Days students who feel compelled to attend a stronger vinyasa style practice need consider coming along.

Group Session 6

Release & Restore, 3:30pm-5pm Sunday 15th Mar

A deeply nourishing 90 minute practice of long slow deep holds whilst using props aplenty, to close off all the hard work done!

This practice will seal off the 21 days so to speak – in both body and mind, allowing the intentions we each set as we commenced the 21 days to both settle and be released.


21 days of Asana will require your preparedness to commit to asana for 21 days, whether that’s a stronger vinyasa style practice or smoother more mellow & yin schedule. Rest days should be included to allow the body to recover. You will:

– attend a one-to-one 45-60min private session with Tamara
– attend between two-six group sessions in total (group sessions numbers two, three, four and and five as listed above are optional)
– practice as and when it suits your schedule
– receive home practice videos to use on days you can’t make it to group classes
– receive Return to Wholefoods Guide to consider implementing at the same time
– optional additional discounted private class/es available, reduced for participants from $100 to $75 per 45-60min session

If you are not on a current Yogala Unlimited Membership (monthly/6/12 month members) your payment includes unlimited classes from Sunday 23rd Feb to Sunday 15th Mar

Sunday 23rd Feb to Sunday 15th Mar

$285 (incl 3 weeks unlimited classes) |$165 Yogala Members

Deep Rest for Pregnancy

Tap into the transformative power of yoga in pregnancy

Tap into the transformative potential of yoga in pregnancy. Using poses to both restore and revitalise the expecting Mum, our 2-hour masterclass will empower you for both birth and mothering.

Through slow and gentle work we’ll tap into the body’s natural tendency in pregnancy for greater fluidity and openness. Using meditation and visualisation to more deeply relax and energise, we’ll harmonise mind with body.

In a deeper state of rest, access your instinctive intelligence unique to pregnancy.

3pm-5pm, Sunday 16th Feb 2020

$45 | $35 Yogala Members


Restorative yoga & yoga nidra for deep rest

Restore the body’s systems with restorative and gentle poses, then tap into a state of deep relaxation through the practice of Yoga Nidra.

We’ll slow down and open the body with 60 minutes of passive, supported stretches and restorative holds. Then access a state of deep rest with 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra and Savasana.

Limited to 10 spaces to ensure you get plenty of TLC.

6:30pm-8pm, Friday 13th Mar 2020

$35 | $25 Yogala Members

Meditation Circle

Guided Group Meditations

A guided group meditation session, as a sangha (spiritual community). These sessions have been created to support and inspire you in your meditation journey as well as offering a sacred place to start or continue your practice through different yogi techniques including mantras, visualisation and breathing practices.

No experience of meditation is necessary but we invite all those new to meditation to look into our 21 Days of Meditation course/s for a deeper understanding of meditation; or attend our weekly Pranayama and Meditation class (Mondays 6:15pm).

5:30-6:30pm, Fri 31st Jan

Held on the last Friday of Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sept, Nov

$25 | $20 Yogala Members


Deeper, Progressive Asana

This 90 min class is explorative and challenging – incorporating traditional, simple sequencing, with an anatomical and energetic focus of some progressive and deeper asana.

Not suitable for beginners, must have practice experience.

Held 3:30-5pm on the first Sunday of the month.

3:30-5pm, Sun 2nd Feb

Held first Sunday of each month

Usual memberships/class passes apply | $30 casual

21 Days of


Pranayam & Meditation

Delve into the practice and purpose of meditation over 21 days, and four group sessions. Explore its full benefits as a tool not just to calm a busy mind, but to create a more conscious way of living. Learn breathing techniques that prepare the nervous system and mind for effective meditation.

At the completion of this course you will have learnt the tools needed to integrate meditation into your life and cultivated a regular personal practice that you can confidently continue on your own.

This course will require your preparedness to commit to meditation for 21 days. Your attendance at each of the four group sessions is important as the course builds upon the practices of the previous week. You will be expected to complete daily practice set as homework.

Fri 1st – Fri 22nd May

Group sessions held 5:30-6:45pm, Fridays 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd May

$190 | $165 Yogala Members