I am a beginner. How should I start?

  • Ideally, join one of our Beginners courses – held 4 times per year.
  • You could instead book one or more private sessions with us. We’ll get you familiar with the basics of a practice, workshop any injuries or ailments you have, and guide you as to your best way forward. When you feel ready, you can start coming along to classes on our timetable
  • If you don’t have any injuries or conditions you’re managing, you’re welcome to jump straight into open classes – Mellow or Yin are the most beginner friendly

What do I need to bring/wear/do/say?

Wear something comfortable and easy to move in. We don’t wear shoes or socks, you’ll take them off before you enter either of the studio rooms. We have yoga mats for you to use free of charge, but we have only a limited number and we do encourage you to eventually start using your own mat. The yoga rooms are quiet spaces, please enter keeping noise to a minimum, and definitely leave your mobile phone on silent in one of our lockers outside the yoga room. We will show new students around our space when on arrival, feel free to ask us any questions then.


What are your prices

Please check out our pricing and specials here.

Do you offer concession prices?

Yes, for full time students, Seniors and registered yoga teachers we offer a discount on casual visits which can be purchased in studio only. Please present your Student ID, Seniors Card, or proof of current teachers registration. See our pricing page. As we price our unlimited memberships as reasonably as we can afford to sell them already, there are no further discounts on these available.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don’t offer refunds. In extenuating circumstances, we can consider transferring your unused credit to another client. If you have a membership, see Memberships below.


What types of memberships do you offer?

Our memberships offer access to all classes on the regular timetable. You have the option of prepaying or paying as you go. Prepaid Memberships – unlimited access, and the greatest value options if your cashflow allows you to buy a 6 or 12-month membership upfront. You can pause both of these memberships. Check out the T&C’s on purchase please. Pay as you go Memberships – unlimited access, paid fortnightly, with a minimum of 3 months sign up. This membership type will continue until you provide us with notice of cancelation. You can pause your pay-as-you-go membership at any time, however we require 3 business days’ notice to process the pause. Check out the T&C’s on purchase please.

Can I cancel my membership?

Members on paid fortnightly memberships can cancel (once you’ve passed the 3 month minimum) by emailing us. We require a minimum of 3 business days’ notice to process your cancellation. Members on a prepaid membership have purchased a non-refundable pass, and receive a decent discount for doing so. If however you have suffered an injury that prevents you from using your membership, or move away from the area please email us some evidence and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the circumstances.


What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 5-15 minutes early. The studio will open a minimum of 20 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time. Late entry to a class is not permitted (and very often the studio entrance is locked unless we have the Reception separately staffed at that time). Can I pre-book and or cancel a class booking? Yes, pre-book and/or cancel pre-bookings online only. Cancelations received less than 60 minutes prior to the class start time will be charged as usual.


What facilities are available for use?

We have two yoga rooms and one treatment/therapy ‘sung’. We have two w/c’s and an accessible toilet. Please note we currently do not have a shower as we’re dealing with some plumbing complexities! Lockers are available free of charge to store your valuables during class. We have mats and props for use, free of charge but we do encourage all students to eventually start using their own yoga mat – we sell mats at the studio. Do you hire your space?

Do you hire your space?

Yes, to suitably aligned activities/events. Our yoga rooms are $55-65 per hour + GST. Please contact us to discuss your needs. Our ‘Snug’, a cocooning treatment or therapy room is also available for hire, starting from $85 + GST per half day and $125 + GST per day. Contact us for pictures, pricing and details.

What facilities are available for use/hire?

We have two yoga rooms available – and one treatment/therapy room. We also have an on-site basic kitchen equipped with small fridge, sink and prep space. We have two w/c’s and an accessible bathroom. Note we currently do not have shower facilities.

Pregnancy and Birth

I am pregnant, can I start yoga?

For a lot of women, pregnancy is a time to start yoga for the first time. That’s fine by us, you’ll be well looked after and shown the basics in our Flow for Pregnancy classes. We suggest you start these classes anytime from late first trimester onwards, when the fragility of first few 8-9 weeks of first trimester have passed.

I am pregnant, when can I start/when should I cease coming to yoga?

We suggest you attend Flow for Pregnancy classes from late first trimester, when the fragility of the first 9 or so weeks of first trimester has passed. You are welcome to continue coming to classes right up to birth if you feel up to it!

I have recently miscarried, can I practice yoga?

Firstly, we compassionately feel your loss. Practicing some more mellow classes may help to clear some space in your body and mind, but please be mindful to give your abdomen and womb some space. Keep any poses that twist deeply through the spine or that require stronger contraction of the abdomen a miss. Let that space slowly recover, and reknit.

I am looking to fall pregnant, can I practice yoga?

Yes, you can. We suggest you attend our more mellow classes: Mellow and Yin. Keep up only a very gentle practice if you fall pregnant, until things have settled and you enter late first trimester/second trimester when it’s time to transition to Flow for Pregnancy. If you’ve conceived via IVF your specialists may recommend you cease all physical activity, including yoga – we recommend you follow your specialists advise.

I am a new Mum, when can I start practicing again (or for the first time)?

We run Flow for Mamas and their Bubbas courses throughout the year, which are open to Mums with newborns to crawlers/early walkers. Keep your eye on our Immersions page for upcoming dates.

If you can get to a class without bub (and we highly recommend a bit of alone time!) then treat yourself with gentleness – start or recommence with the more mellow classes: Mellow and Yin to begin with. Key to any post birth practice is to gently reknit the fabric of the abdomen; to nurture the nurturer (you!); and to slowly re/introduce strength training. If you previously practiced yoga we suggest for some time you modify your practice to accommodate the changing hormones, and physique. Treat the few months after birth as another trimester of pregnancy.

Studio Guidelines

Arriving at Yogala

Please arrive 5-15 minutes early. Classes start on time, no late entries please. 2-hour free parking available in Pacific Square – but on your first visit exit the shopping centre on foot and make your way to 142 Maroubra Rd.

Studio Use

  • Lockers available to store valuables
  • Mats available free of change but numbers are limited and we do encourage you to eventually own your own
  • Bring a small sweat towel
  • If you’ve booked into class online in advance, and reception is a little busy on arrival, you’ll be able to check yourself into class via the iPad at the reception desk
  • If you leave your own mat at the studio ensure it is clearly labelled with your name and telephone number (we will provide you with tags at reception)
  • Please wipe down mats and props at the end of practice
  • We love a clean and clear, tidy space – place all props and blankets away neatly
  • Shoes off before you enter any of our yoga or treatment room spaces
  • Absolutely no mobile phones in our yoga rooms, ensure they’re on silent in your locker also
  • Please remember that for our teachers, Yogala is a “work” space – please afford them the same respect and professional boundaries as you would in any other client service setting. The teacher/student relationship is a professional one

Teaching Opportunities

Are you looking for teachers?

We look for minimum 350 hours of training, with a minimum of 3 years teaching experience. Ideally, you’ll be registered with Yoga Australia, and must have professional and public liability insurance, and a Senior First Aid certificate. You’ll be experienced in any one of the following:

  • strong and creative Vinyasa, able to capably manage classes with both beginner level students as well as experienced yogis at the same time if needed!
  • grounded Yin, able to capably manage classes that can accommodate folks with dodgy knees, joints, limited mobility or general wear and tear of aging and life if needed!
  • specialised in pre and or post-natal
  • specialised in children and or teens (you’d also be required to hold a Working with Children check)

Our process in working with new teachers:

  • visit our studio and classes to ensure you would feel at home here
  • send us your CV/outline of teaching strengths and class styles; and include your current teaching schedule
  • if or when we’re in need of some more teaching talent, we’ll make a time to visit one of your classes elsewhere or set up a time at Yogala for you to demo your teaching prowess to us

Children & Teens

Can Children/Teens attend classes?

We offer specialised Childrens (5-12 yr) and Teens (12-15yr) courses, run during school terms.

Children from 13 years can attend our open classes, but those who are between 13-15 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Only those who are 16 years and older can attend without a parent/guardian.

Children can not be left unattended in the studio whilst Mum/Dad or carer takes a class.