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Live Streaming

How to Live Stream

  1. Download Zoom for iPhone, Android, or computer. Create your account with first name + surname so we know it’s you
  2. See the week’s live stream only options here
  3. Book a Live Stream class at least 15min prior to the start time so know who we’re expecting
  4. Roll out your mat (need to collect your mat from the studio? Want to borrow some blocks? Email us)
  5. At the scheduled class start time click the link we’ve either sent to you via SMS or email
  6. You’ll be automatically muted, but consider having camera on for as close an experience to face-to-face classes as possible


Thank you immensely for the support. For as long as you need and want the support we can offer, we will innovate to continue to support each of you.

Having pulled our live streaming together in a short period of time there are improvements to be made along the way. The way live streamed classes are listed in our booking system isn’t very intuitive at the moment but the priority – delivering a way for you to keep up your practice with teachers who know you, and that you trust, is working. Hurrah!

You are muted – we can’t hear you, but if you choose to join us with your camera on it’ll make the experience as close to a regular class as possible and allow us to provide support and guidance as we ordinarily would when face-to-face.

Streaming commencing Monday 23rd Mar:

  • 6:15am Monday-Friday
  • 9:30am Every day
  • 5:15pm Friday & Sunday
  • 6:30pm Monday-Thursday
  • Note the classes above are listed simply as ‘live stream’ but mirror the class style on at the same time as the regular face-to-face class
  • Plus 2 x weekly online only 30 min meditations, 11am Monday & Thursday
  • Plus 3 x weekly online only Prenatal yoga, 11am Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday

We expect all classes will be streamed from week commencing Monday 30th Mar.

Class Numbers

Our class numbers in Studio One are already below the recent ‘4 sq m’ per person guideline. Following that guideline we could have up to 26. We’ve limited it even lower, to 20.

Remember our mats are a generous 2m long each as it is.

No further classes are being held in Studio Two.

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