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About our Kids & Teens classes

What do our Kids & Teens get up to in their classes? Here’s a run down of Term 4 last year.

At the end of the year we wanted our kids and teens to end the year as gloriously zen and content as they possibly could!

Yoga for Children
The kids class continued to have very active warm ups, yoga games, sun salutations and movement flows.

Caroline and Renata introduced the kids to precise alignment in the body in certain poses. Being the end of the year there was more emphasis on relaxation and meditation with a guided relaxation and/or pranayama in every class.

Partner work continued, with the emphasis on communicating and listening – no means no, yes means yes, learning to read facial expressions, learning to observe someone else’s breathing, and responding respectfully and appropriately.

Yoga for Teens
The teen years are challenging for parents at times, as well as the teens themselves. These are crucial years of brain development and emotional regulation. When we are not taught strategies to deal with difficult or overwhelming emotions we become vulnerable, and even more so as teenagers with the pressures of social media, school, society, and the need to belong and be accepted.

Caroline continued the work already started in the previous terms, including in dealing with negative emotions. Learning tools to deal with anxiety in relation to various issues – a fear of tests, and acceptance are the big topics at this age.
There was an emphasis also on tools to improve focus, so they know they can nail that test! (Think meditation and pranayama.)

They also used yoga to boost self confidence! In addition to knowing you can clear your mind on demand, learning inversions (poses with the head lower than the heart) is a big self confidence boost. Being able to do a pose that you thought was unreachable is one way to make you feel like you’re King or Queen of the Century!

And for our soccer players in the group, Caroline continued the work on releasing hips and hamstrings!

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