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Lessons I’ve learned, thank you 2019

From the perspective permitted by this glorious limbo week, between one year and the next, I see that 2019 nearly blew my socks off.

With a two-week-old newborn my hubby lost his job. With a three-week-old newborn I had a major haemorrhage and on the cusp of consciousness I got to ask my wisest of voices what really matters? With an eight-week-old newborn I went back to corporate work full time to keep the family afloat until hubby landed work again. And with a nine-month-old bouncing on my lap yesterday morning I appreciated the crazy that is Christmas like never before.

Curve balls are the absolute best. They may threaten to break you or at the very least shake you, but if we can stand still amidst the chaos the dark days make light ones shine so bright.

The message – the lesson this year for me? That it doesn’t really matter. That you could chose this, or choose that. You could say yes, or no. You could run or walk, work or play, be miserable or be light. Circumstances of our lives pale in comparison to the experience we choose to have in said circumstances. Whenever I have been able to this year, I’ve just done what I had to do and chosen the lightest, brightest view of my world. 


My family is back on track (for now, because life is life right? Who knows what curve balls 2020 shall bring!) and I’m so looking forward to being at Yogala more again in 2020, including teaching more 6:15am’s and playing around with a few new class styles with you all. More on that later.

Enjoy this week of limbo in time – the best time in my opinion to reset. Join me next Sunday 29th Dec, 5:30-7pm for Mellow: Setting 2020 Intentions.

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