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Beginners Guide

Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.

B.K.S Iyengar

Yoga in the West is mostly known for the ‘asana’ – the physical yoga poses and sequences, which we seek out for flexibility, suppleness, therapy for injury or strength. Whilst asana or the physical aspect of yoga is one doorway into the practice, over time as we practice, we come to understand and value the importance of breath in our yoga, and its power to transform mind and body.

From there we perhaps progress to being interested in ancient texts, the philosophy and principles behind a yogic life. Whatever brings you to be interested in yoga, welcome.

How to make your start

A) Attend any of our Mellow classes which are gentler paced, and/or Yin. Either purchase our Intro Offer of 2 weeks unlimited classes for $40 or a casual visit at $25. BUY NOW.

B) Or book private session/s where we can work with you one on one. Initial session, $100 for 1 hour private. Contact us for more info here.

Classes styles in order of suitability for a beginner

Mellow and/or Yin

Align workshops, held every few months


Warm Flow

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  • Tara Long

    Hey my partner and I are looking to start one or two classes a week in the late evening. We are absolute beginners so wondering what you would recommended

    • yogala

      Hi Tara,
      We suggest you start with our beginners course – 4 dedicated sessions for beginners every Sunday afternoon from 4pm-5:10pm commencing Sunday 17th June. From there you also receive a 4 week unlimited class pass to put into practice what you learn on the beginners course in our open classes. Once we met you both and know where your bodies are at we can guide you as to which classes each week night will suit you. Are you from Sunday arvo’s?

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