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Balancing Act

As in life, in business, in parenting and relationships, it is also in the practice of yoga – the beauty of life is found hanging in the balance of polarities. And as we shift between polarities, we often fall.

Our mistake often is to see the act of falling, as failing – be it when we literally fall out of a balancing pose in yoga, or when a venture we had big dreams for doesn’t go to plan. Falling is not failing. Falling is the sure sign you’re trying, you’ve taken leaps and your heart has sung, and you’ve given it a good old crack.

In asana, a pose is learned through repetitive attempts. We harness the respective forces of breath, focus, strength and flexibility over time, until one day those efforts culminate in flow. Along the way we inevitably wobble, sweat, fall, get frustrated, maybe even want to give up, and tell ourselves all sorts of stories. “My shoulder is x; my lower back is y; my arms are too z.” Be they excuses or prophesies, for as long as we recite them we’ll be held back.

And in life, for as long as we see falls as fails, we’ll be held back – never feeling game enough to try again. “My parents marriage failed, I’ll never get one to work; I didn’t get that job, I’m best to just stay here; I have no new clients, I’ll close the business.” It’s through repetitive attempts and the harnessing of breath, intention, and a strong will that one day, those efforts culminate into a state of flow.

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