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What fires me up?

I am Tamara Ogilvie, Director of Yogala and a 37 yr old mother, partner, striver and diver – of the mind state. My ocean diving was short lived. My dive instructor got us lost under huge swell, my tank ran out of air and I had to practice buddy breathing til we found anchor and ascended. An experience that cut short my total life breaths for sure.

I’m driven by the need to find balance – in the way I move, eat, parent and play. But mostly I seek balance in my mental state, and everything I do is driven by the knowledge that balance only exists in the midst of opposites. We’re all desperately seeking a path to peace, and it’s probably only going to be found in the frantic turmoil of the search. The irony!

Peeling away layers of misperception and misconception floats my boat. I’m wide eyed at the veils we walk around under and even wider eyed when something shifts and we see something differently. I’m enlivened by other people’s stories and struggles, and feel at home with them in the wretched truth that we all have our own sufferings.

The belief that we all need a space to be held by, and inspired in – where we can all feel good about ourselves and our world again, is what drives me to open the doors of Yogala everyday.

Welcome to your space for life.

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  • Lina Carr-Gomm

    I was once asked what was my reason for doing yoga. I had to think about that. And I realised it was to find space where there was none before. Space in my body; space in my head, my mind. And Yogala has offered me just that – and in a space that is all embracing and kind, without any judgement or expectations.
    Thank you.

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