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We’re moving!

When I heard from our landlord that they’d be needing our current premises back for their own business needs, I just about internally combusted.

Wanting to move our studio to potentially an even better space and see the community and everyone’s yoga continue to evolve; and in equal measure not wanting to put myself and family through the palaver of shifting a business. Stuck in the grey zone of wanting and not wanting – in the familiar old dance of yes and no.

In moments of quiet, devoid of the flurry of thinking thoughts, the only option in my bones was to ensure Yogala continues, in whatever form life has in mind for it.

So we found a space, negotiated the lease simply, have been working with a builder who was surely a yogi in another lifetime, had a dream working with Smack Bang Designs to rebrand our business (can’t wait to reveal the new look, feel and website!) and have let it all unfold.

The result I hope will be one that provides you with a space for life. A home in which you can come home to yourself, day after day, year after year. And a business which I hope will far outlive or outgrow my own capacities. I have chosen to throw my family’s life into utter chaos once again because I believe so much in all that you do when you come to practice with us.

I hope you’ll like it.

In service and in love,

Tamara x

Key dates:
  • Last classes in our current home Wednesday 28th February
  • Closed Thursday 1st March
  • Yogala re-launch Friday 2nd March with Soulful Soundwaves live music meditation & community celebration from 6 pm, limited spaces. Open for bookings soon, stay tuned!
  • Free first class for all first time students in the month of March
  • Prelaunch sales on memberships & passes coming very soon, grab a discount!

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