The Chakra Series with Soulful Soundwaves

Retune, restore, rebalance with sound meditations by Soulful Soundwaves

Cleanse and align the seven energy centres through a sensory sound experience that goes far beyond the use of music.

Using an effective blend of healing frequencies, sound, music and scents, this four-week chakra series will take you on a musical journey through your energy centres to retune, restore and rebalance each of your seven chakras.

When the mind and body is negatively affected through physical and/or psychological traumas such as injury, food intoxication, mental illness, stress and anxiety, the energy system is also compromised, leading to imbalances and blockages.

Clearing each of the chakras supports overall sustained health, happiness and vitality.

Simply lie back, relax and bathe in music as the chakras are nurtured through specific frequencies aligned to each centre.

Week one: Root & Throat: I stand in my strength and speak my truth
Week two: Sacral & third eye: I feel without fear & follow my intuition
Week three: Solar Plexus & Crown: I act with courage and know I am complete
Week four: Heart: I give and receive love unconditionally

To be enjoyed as a series or drop in to individual sessions, join Maeve & Lorenzo from Soulful Soundwaves for 4 consecutive Sunday’s from Sunday 21st Oct.

4pm-5pm, 4 x Sundays from 21st October to 11th November 2018

4 week course $120 | $100 Yogala members

Drop-in single session $35 | $30 Yogala members

Yoga for Children (8-12 yr)

For growing minds & bodies

In engaging ways for younger but growing minds and bodies, we explore yoga poses and techniques to aid focus and energy levels; develop strength and flexibility; and tools to understand and manage emotions.

Classes consist of a physical yoga practice combining breath work with movement, and an exploration of mindfulness techniques.

3:45pm-4:30pm, 8 x Wednesdays 24th October to 12th December 2018

$150 per term |  $130 if a parent is a Yogala Member | $22 trial class