Meditation Mandala

21 days of pranayam & meditation

Delve into the practice and purpose of meditation. Explore it’s full benefits as a tool not just to calm a busy mind, but also to create a more conscious way of living. Learn pranayam techniques that prepare both the nervous system and mind for effective meditation.

Over 21 days and four group sessions, work through tools to integrate pranayama and meditation into your life. At the completion of this course you will have cultivated a regular personal practice to confidently continue on your own.

This course will be rooted in Yogi philosophy, and very much grounded in practice. Please note that in addition to what will be covered as a group, daily practice will be set as homework. We encourage you to sign up for this course if you are ready to cultivate a personal practice – including being able to attend all four group sessions, and can commit to your daily personal practice.

10:45-12noon Sundays 17th Feb, 24th Feb, 3rd March, 10th March 2019

$190 | $165 for Yogala Members

Roll & Release

Myofascial release for restricted muscles, fascia & the nervous system

Experience the benefits of myofascial release for restricted muscles, fascia and the nervous system.

Fasica is a connective tissue that connects every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel, and internal organs. In the normal healthy state the fascia is relaxed and soft. It has the ability to stretch and move without restriction. When you experience physical trauma or inflammation the fascia loses its pliability. It can become tight, restricted and a source of tension throughout the rest of the body. 

Using Franklin Balls and other small equipment, Paola will lead you through a range of releases to break down tight tissue. Some of the many benefits include: increased circulation and blood flow to the soft tissues, increased flexibility and range of movement, reduction in injury scar tissue, and pain relief.

You’ll feel like you’ve have a massage by the time you leave!

With over fifteen years experience as a dance, pilates and yoga professional, Paola brings an immense knowledge of the body to all her classes.

Limited places, advance booking recommended as these workshops do fully book.

3pm-5pm, Sunday 10th March 2019

$45 Early Bird til 25th Feb + Yogala Members | $55 thereafter

Yin & Pins

Merging the ancient modalities of yoga & acupuncture

Yin & Pins merges the two ancient modalities of yoga and acupuncture. Both are vehicles to bring balance. The first half of this unique class will be a yin yoga session led by Ebonie Malcolm, to bring openness into the body, followed by acupuncture to induce to bring deep rest and restoration, led by the highly experienced acupuncturists at The Acupuncture Collective.

Bring some balance into the mind and body with the deep rest and nourishment that Yin & Pins brings. By nourishing body, mind and soul, our internal intelligence can come into play and heal.

The Acupuncture Collective are a group of skilled, highly qualified health professionals providing effective treatments at an affordable price, so a regular commitment to healing is accessible to more people.

5:30pm-7pm, Saturday 23rd March 2019

$45 Early Bird til Fri 8th March + Yogala Members | $55 thereafter

Yoga for Children (8-12 yr)

For growing minds & bodies

In engaging ways for younger but growing minds and bodies, we explore yoga poses and techniques to aid focus and energy levels; develop strength and flexibility; and tools to understand and manage emotions.

Classes consist of a physical yoga practice combining breath work with movement, and an exploration of mindfulness techniques.

Wednesdays 3:45pm-4:30pm

Term 1 2019 13th Feb to 3rd Apr 2019

$150 per term |  $130 if a parent is a Yogala Member | $22 trial class

We accept Active Kids vouchers

Yoga for Teens (high schoolers)

Soothe the stresses of the teenage years

Yoga for Teens is a fun, accessible yoga practice to soothe the changes and stresses of the teenage years.

Yoga sequences and techniques will aid energy levels; improve flexibility; and provide tools to deal with anxiety and tension. Classes will consist of yoga sequences, partner work, mindfulness techniques and more.

Wednesdays 4:45pm-5:45pm

Term 1 2019 13th Feb to 3rd Apr 2019

$150 per term |  $130 if a parent is a Yogala Member | $22 trial class

We accept Active Kids vouchers

Reiki Healing

Personal reiki treatments

Enhance physical, mental and emotional wellness with personal reiki treatments.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that promotes the body’s natural healing abilities. It can restore physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and encourages the flow and release of energy – helping to clear and balance our energy centres or chakras.

Delivered by yoga teacher and reiki practitioner Meg Harris.

By appointment

$100 per treatment